Monday, February 22, 2010

Age 1 - 2 years old

Haven's second year was a normal year - she was like all the other kids. We had no indications of things to come. She was constantly playing and running around. She loved to be active and goofy. We had so much fun!

This is about me from Age 1 - Age 2. We had a great year growing up. We took a lot of vacations and played a lot. I grew in to my personality.

I loved to sit in boxes. I always wanted to eat in a box. So anytime there was a box around the house you'd find me in it.

Not to mention I was extra curious. I always dug in anything sitting around the house. I have no idea what I was trying to find. Mom's purse, baskets, and my diaper bag. Nothing was safe!

Easter - this was a great Easter. I got to run all by myself and find lots of candy and eggs.

Mountain Dew.....what can you do? You just gotta do the dew! PS: I didn't really get to drink any of it....but I tried!

I love oranges...I would just sink my teeth in to the skin and make the juices go everywhere!

I am Miss Independent! I can put my own shoes on....step back!

A huge fan of high heels - already we could see that I was going to be girly! I loved my high heels!

Mom has always been crazy about my blue eyes.

In June of that year I went to my Great Grandma's house in Ohio to visit everyone. It was my first plane ride and my first time meeting the rest of my family.

Grandpa B-Honey showed me how to feed and dress my dolls

I spent a lot of time in the summer with my dad in the garage. We were always working on bikes. I got to learn a lot about bikes at an early age!

My first trip to the beach. Mom and Dad took me to Laguna Beach for the day. I wasn't much of a fan of the water - it was a bit cold!

YEA! Potty trained! July was a great month for me - I was doing super awesome on my pottying! We'd dance when I would potty! I was only 1 1/2......

In September G&G B-Honey met us in Las Vegas for a vacation. We stayed in a large condo and I got to go swimming in the hot tub!

October photo has followed me for years with the camera. It's best to just let her do her thing and then we can get to playing!

At home I always had my high heels on. I was always ready to hit the town.

I remember this well. I got this bear from Grandma Virginia for Christmas. If you touched it then it would play music. I was terrified of it for a long time!

Christmas with my sister Kendall. We went to Grandpa Beard-offs and Grandma Sings house in Arizona. We had a lot of fun playing with Brown Dog.



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