Monday, February 22, 2010

Age 2 - 3 years old

Photo time line of Haven between January 2006 and January 2007. This is where it starts getting tricky and very confusing.

This was my 2nd birthday party! I had a blast with my friends and family.

My dad and I are always goofing around.

Putting together my birthday bike. After working on dad's all the time it was time I built my own.

This was me in early February. I spent a day at the beach with my sister Kendall. We had a lot of fun playing in the sand and water.

A day at the San Diego Zoo. We had a lot of fun climbing through tubes. Dad was chasing me everywhere.

In March I got this cool scooter! I went everywhere on it. My sister had one so I had to have one.

Easter. I got a cool hat from the grandma and some Easter stuff.

My first time coloring eggs. It was great.

I've always gone my own way and have been very independent.

Hanging out at a friend's house. We were watching the horses and goats.

I love working on bikes with dad. He never seemed to be able to work on them without my help. I've always been a very good assistant to him.

In May my grandparents came out and visited with me and Kendall. We had a lot of fun playing!

Goofing around. This was only a few weeks before all my changes would begin. This was around the middle of May 2006. I was about 2 years and 4 months old.

By the end of June I had gained a lot of weight and it just didn't seem to stop. My mom became concerned and took me to the doctor. We had a long talk with the doctor about my food and mom and dad never gave me junk food. Even my Easter baskets would be filled with toys and sandals instead of candy.

We did a lot of blood tests over the summer and everything kept coming back normal. The doctor told my mom they were feeding me too much food and to cut down my calories.

By the end of September mom was more concerned because I kept gaining weight while on a diet. We tried and tried to lose the weight but it just wouldn't come off. This was me at LAX ready to go visit my grandparents in Ohio again.

When we got back from Ohio mom took me back to the doctor to find out what was going on. We did more blood tests and an MRI of the brain. Nothing showed up. Everything was normal. The doctor once again told mom to put me on an even stricter diet.

In December we went to visit my grandparents in Utah (they'd moved from Arizona). We had a great visit but all mom kept thinking about was my weight. At this point they began to notice that I was showing signs of OCD. I would file everything and it had to be filed by color. I would get extremely upset at any changes in my schedule or if something was done differently. At this point I began complaining of stomach pains.

Mom already knew I didn't fell pain and that I couldn't cry but now I was saying that my stomach was hurting in the same spot all the time. We went back to the doctor again at the end of December. We did more blood tests and nothing. The doctor sent us to a Pediatric Neurologist to discuss Autism.

We met with the Neurologist and she did a lot of tests on me. We hinted around at Prader-Willi Syndrome but the only symptom I had was food. I loved food. Then we moved on to Asperger's Syndrome. But this wasn't fitting either. The Neurologist dismissed us and said there was nothing wrong with me.

Shortly before my 3rd birthday the pains in my stomach were so bad I could barely walk on some days. I began to have blood in the toilet when I would go to the bathroom. Mom took me back in to the doctor and told him I was bleeding and still having stomach pains. He felt around on my stomach and said it was fine that I was pushing too hard. Mom was not happy. She left vowing to not go back to the doctor but I was hurting all the time.

This was me at my 3rd birthday. I had gained a lot of weight in just 6 months. Had MRIs, blood tests, Neurology, and bleeding but no one could give us any info.


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