Monday, February 22, 2010

Age Birth - 1

Haven was born very healthy with a slight case of jaundice at birth that went away after about a week. She never cried at night and she slept through the night since birth. Her first year she pretty much stayed at 75-80% on height and 25-30% on weight. At 6 months her pediatrician warned us that we had a very strong willed child and that she would be very independent. He noted to us a few times that she was ahead on her development.

At around 8 months we began to notice that she didn't feel any pain. She never cried when she would fall or get hurt. When it was told to the doctor he didn't think anything of it and just said she may have a slightly higher tolerance or she may not ever get hurt bad enough to cry. Another note is that she never cried for food or to go to bed. She just never cried.

A few hours old...I was a bit tired from all the work I had to do the day I was born.

Grandma Sing and Grandpa-Beard Off (my dad's dad) were the first on the scene. The arrived from Arizona on Saturday, January 25th, as mom was sitting in the room waiting to be told she would be having me. They soon sent her home only to come back a few hours later. Here I am with my grandma and grandpa a few minutes after meeting my mom and dad.

My uncle Kevin (my dad's brother) was also on the scene waiting for me to join the Fowler Family. He looks pretty happy to see me.

GUB - Great Uncle Brian and Aunt Lisa (not pictured) (my dad's aunt and uncle) also came out to the hospital to meet me. He kinda looks like my dad so it's possible I could be trying to figure that one out!

Mom, Dad, and I arrived home and Grandma and Grandpa had everything there waiting for me. I had huge bouquets of flowers and blankets and everything waiting for me! I think everyone was excited to see me come home!

About 2 weeks after I was born Grandpa Simon came out with Grandma Virginia. They hung out with me for a couple of days. Look how little I am. All I did was sleep then.....

Here I am with Grandma Virginia (my dad's mom) - this must've been the start of Haven Pink. Grandma is wearing my soon to be favorite color.

Grandma B-Honey (my mom's mom) came out for a visit right about the time Grandma and Grandpa Virginia came to visit. We had lots of fun....but really I just slept A LOT!

Here I am with Grandpa B-Honey (my mom's dad)....just hanging out...wondering who is this guy? Little did I know that in a few years I'd be living near him.

I was a good baby. I never cried and I slept all night from the start. Mom would have to wake me to feed me. I just really liked to sleep. At the time mom thought it was awesome.

I started day-care at 6 weeks old. Mom had to go back to work and it was very hard for her but she found a great place for me to go to. I met my first friend - Maya - there. We spent the next year and a half hanging out and playing.

I was a long always said I'd be tall like dad. He's 6'2" and she's 5'2". Dad always massaged my legs when he would change my diaper. It helped to soothe me.

For my mom's birthday in April we went to Arizona to visit Grandma and Grandpa. The Arizona desert did wonders for my skin. The dry air completely made me turn red and look like a little clown. It was my first vacation ever.This is my Aunt Wendy (mom's sister). She came out to visit me one of the times my Uncle Mike came home from Iraq. She lives in Hawaii with my 3 cousins.

My cousins Philip and Luke came out to visit me around my Christmas and my birthday. It was great. They were living in Alaska at the time and their mommy brought them down.

This is my Aunt Martha - she is married to my Uncle James. We always have a lot of fun together. She knew how to make me giggle and giggle.At exactly 4 months old I began teething. I popped two teeth out at the same time. I never cried and mom didn't know I had even gotten my teeth. But then another tooth came in and mom decided I needed some Orajel!

My modeling career started early....I think mom had a camera stuck to her 24 hours a day. I was constantly being followed around by the camera.

Mom and I hanging out. Usually mom is behind the camera so there aren't too many photos of her and I together.

Learning to sit. I was about 4 months old when I started sitting.

My first attempt at eating. This was around June 2004. I think I did pretty well.Me at daycare with my friend Maya. We had lots of fun playing all the time.

My uncle Kevin came over to hang out with me for the 4th of July. We had lots of fun watching the fireworks.

One day my mom brought home some zucchini bread. She didn't know it was made with ground hazelnuts. I had a small piece and within an hour I was covered in hives.

We spent the day at the ER and mom got an Epipen for future reactions. Since this day I have never been given nuts of any kind and peanut butter doesn't exist in my house.

I used to love bath time. I would sit in there and play an throw water on everyone. Look at my cute little toe!

One of our family vacations was to Vegas. My sister Kendall came with us and we met Grandma and Grandpa B Honey and Aunt Candy there. We had so much fun. This was my first trip to Vegas.

During our trip to Vegas my mom wanted to take everyone to Death Valley for the day. We drove a long time to get there and during one of the breaks I decided to take a good nap. Everyone hung out in the desert and chased desert animals while I slept.

This is me with my Great Aunt Candy (my mom's aunt). She came out to see us in Vegas.

Me with Daddy, Kendall, Grandpa and Grandma B-Honey.

Another side vacation while in Vegas was a trip to The Valley Of Fire. We had a lot of fun here - this is one of my mom's favorite places.

My first and only trip to see Santa. I tried to smile and in the few seconds I was on his lap I went potty all the way through my diaper. I was surprised that Santa brought me present since I didn't give him a nice present!

GAL (Aunt Lisa) and GUB (Uncle Brian) came out to party with me at my first birthday.

This is Miss Aileen. She watched me from 6 weeks old until almost 2 years old. first birthday cake. I got a small one all to myself to destroy!

My one year photos. I did such a good job getting these photos taken. Mom was so happy with me. We'd never done professional photos before so this was a good time.



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Haven your Mom is doing a great job. She is a great person and will do anything she can for you.
Aunt C.

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